What I’m Working On

Currently I am working on a sequel to In This Picture, a hidden object book for children. Each detailed picture is a compilation of dozens of photos and images put together to form a scene. Putting them together is not so difficult, and I enjoy doing it. Finding the right images to layer into them is very time consuming. I have to obtain copyrights, use objects known to most people, especially children, and often I have to remove backgrounds, adjust hues and lighting, etc.

The picture below is a snap of my desktop and the most recent picture I have been putting together.


I try to make the pictures silly and whimsical. Some are themed. The new book will have an underwater picture and probably another fantasy one.

When I was a child, I dealt with chronic illness and pain. I wasn’t always able to do a lot of the things the other children were doing. Two ways I really enjoyed passing the time were reading and puzzle books. I’ve always been a very visual person. I love photography. I can whittle away hours browsing photos on flickr, Pinterest, or Instagram. I know I would have loved a book like this, one that employed real photographs versus the black and white or simple cartoon style hidden picture books. Not that there’s anything wrong with Where’s Waldo or the hidden pictures you find in Highlights books. There’s just something about looking at a photographic image that can’t be replicated with pen and ink.

If you have a child who likes puzzles, or are looking for a great Christmas gift or stocking idea, give In This Picture a try. And stay tuned for the sequel. I hope to have it out in early 2018.



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