Spot The Differences – Santa Claus (printable)

Download this FREE Christmas activity printable for kids. Can you find all 10 differences between these two pictures?

This adorable picture features Santa Claus on his sleigh and is available as a printable PDF page – click the link below.

DIFFERENCES – Santa’s Sleigh

Find The Difference - Santa's Sleigh .png

If your kids enjoy these kinds of picture puzzles where you have to find things please have a look at my book, IN THIS PICTURE. Inside each sharply detailed photo are DOZENS of objects to find. Your kids will spend hours trying to find every object. IN THIS PICTURE makes a wonderful Christmas gift or stocking stuffer for children of all ages, and a great gift for families that have children of multiple ages. It will keep kids busy on rainy days, waiting rooms, long car rides, and is an excellent book for kids who hate to read. GET YOUR COPY TODAY!



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