Snow Days = Snow fun!

It’s the first day back to school after a two week long Christmas holiday but the kids are staying home today because of the weather. Even my eldest is here today because work called and decided not to open. I wish I could say the same for my husband who has a thirty-five minute commute on a long stretch of road known for drifting snow and squalls.

Over the past two weeks my five year old has tried out the new toys she got for Christmas and together we’ve read all her new books,  built block worlds on Minecraft and played lots of games of hangman. One of the highlights of our very cold break was blowing bubbles and watching them freeze.

ice bubble.jpg

Unfortunately we did not get blog worthy photos of our bubbles so I will leave you with this far better stock image. The patterns that form as the water freezes and crystallizes are beautiful but fleeting. If you have not tried this experiment before, I would encourage you to get out your bubble wands this winter for a whole new level of bubble blowing fun.

*Note: only works in sub-freezing temperatures.

Ice Bubble Recipe:

Ice Bubble Recipe from Read About Snow.png

This ice bubble recipe comes from the book READ ABOUT SNOW, available in print and on Amazon Kindle. Read About Snow explains the science behind how snow and ice crystals form.  For kids aged 6-9 (new readers).



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