Help Me Choose My Next Book Cover




In This Picture 2 – More hidden objects for you to find is complete and is available now on amazon!


I’ve been working hard and am close to completing the next In This Picture book. This will be the second book in the series. It is a hidden object book for kids that contains large, full color photos in which are carefully hidden dozens of objects. Some are difficult to find while others are easy and obvious, making this book fun for children of different age groups, and especially for families with more than one child. The new cover (like the old) will be one of the pictures depicted in the book.

The three pictures below worked the best with the title design which matches the first book. I do have a favorite (which I will reveal at a later time) but I thought I would ask the internet to see what your opinions are.

Here are the three options:


NUMBER 1 – The Squirrel One

Cover Idea #1 - The Squirrel One


NUMBER 2 – The Goat One

Cover Idea #2 - The Goat One


NUMBER 3 – The Hamster One

Cover Idea #3 - The Hamster One


Which one do you like best? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks!

4 thoughts on “Help Me Choose My Next Book Cover

  1. I have the In The Picture 2 book . I’m in the hard ones I can’t find the rabbit in the snow with the horses. Please write me and let me know where the rabbit is. I’m 80 years old and love these books but I just can’t find that rabbit. I found the moon and the plane. Thanks

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    1. Hi Jeaneen, thank you for writing. I am so happy you love my books! The rabbit is very near to the horse’s ears if that helps. If you still can’t find it, write me back and I will show you the exact spot.


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