It’s Finally Here! In This Picture 2

IN THIS PICTURE 2 is finally here!! This hidden picture book for kids is filled with full color photographic images. Each picture contains DOZENS of hidden objects to discover. Some are easy and some are very difficult to find, making IN THIS PICTURE 2 perfect for children of all ages. Warning: Some adults may enjoy this book as well.


IN THIS PICTURE 2 is perfect for rainy days, long car rides, waiting rooms, birthday and Christmas gifts, families with children of different ages, kids who don’t like to read and anyone who enjoys puzzles. It may also be useful for patients with dementia.

INSIDE THIS EDITION: 3 bonus pictures with one extra hard object to find!

Do you have a keen eye? Are you ready to take the challenge?

Get your copy of IN THIS PICTURE 2 today! CLICK HERE.

This is the follow up book to the original IN THIS PICTURE.

The In This Picture hidden object book series make wonderful gifts for families with kids as children of all ages (and their parents!) will enjoy this book. They are fantastic activity books for kids who enjoy puzzles, hidden object and hidden picture games.

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