The Book About Me

I would like to introduce my latest book titled THE BOOK ABOUT ME – A Writing, Drawing, Keepsake Journal for Kids.  This book is bold and brightly coloured, and is filled with questions to answer and plenty of things to draw and color.


THE BOOK ABOUT ME is perfect for children who are just learning to write. At this age children are discovering who they are and where they fit into the world, their likes and dislikes, how they fit in and how they stand out. Kids can showcase their creativity on pages like:

Invent a Creature
Top the Pizza With Anything You Like
If I Had 3 Wishes
If I Could Travel to Outer Space
The Best Book I Ever Read
Draw a Time Machine
My Favorite Rainy Day Activity
If I Were a Superhero
Happiness Is


Get your copy of THE BOOK ABOUT ME today! CLICK HERE.





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