I’ve Made the Bestsellers List!

Today I accidentally discovered that two of my books made it to the best-sellers list on Amazon under Best-Selling Children’s Hidden Picture Books! And while I realize that may not be as prestigious as being among the best-sellers in other categories, it sure made my day.

My Amazon Bestselling Hidden Objects Books are:


IN THIS PICTURE: Can you find all the hidden objects?




IN THIS PICTURE 2: More hidden objects for you to find!


And now I am off to celebrate with something yummy and probably fattening ๐Ÿ˜‰

~ Elle


6 thoughts on “I’ve Made the Bestsellers List!

  1. Congratulations Elle!
    Evidently my sister and I are still kids at heart when, at 80 years old, I discovered your first two editions of “In This Picture”, because we both found them beautiful and challenging enough to be intrigued. I ordered them for another senior friend who enjoyed them too. Your creativity has helped us all stay sane during Covid. We are all wondering when your next edition will become available.
    Thank you, Kay


    1. Aww, thank you Kay. I am so happy you enjoy them! As for the next book, I am not sure… I might start to put one together in the fall. Thanks for writing… I love to hear from my readers.


      1. Do you have a list of answers for your hidden items? There are some that we absolutely could NOT find. Thanks, Kay & Rae


  2. I, too, am intrigued by your ” In This Picture” books. I do not believe that they are necessarily just for kids. I got tired of boring word find and crossword puzzle books, and so I ordered your first one. I immediately became addicted to the beautiful pages and cleverly hidden objects to find. When I neared the end of ” In this Picture – 1″, I went back on Amazon to order more…. sad to see that there was only one more in the series. I would buy them all if there were more. I am 71 years old – please keep making them!

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