FREE! Hidden Objects Game

This free hidden objects game is one of many from the IN THIS PICTURE hidden objects book series by Elle Simms.

This free hidden objects game can be found in the book IN THIS PICTURE by Elle Simms.

Free Seek and Find Game List of Things to Find from the book, IN THIS PICTURE by Elle Simms
Use the checklist to find all of the hidden pictures.

Find this FUN Hidden Object Game and More in…



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IN THIS PICTURE is an Amazon Bestselling Children’s Hidden Pictures Book.

This picture puzzling book will keep the kids entertained for hours!  It is filled with large, full-color photos filled with dozens of objects waiting to be found. For each sharply detailed picture,there is a list of objects to find that range from easy and obvious to difficult to spot, making this an ideal gift for children of all ages.

The carefully crafted scenes are playful, whimsical, and engaging. This book is perfect for rainy days, long car rides, waiting rooms, birthday and Christmas gifts, families with children of different ages and kids who don’t like to read.

Do you like puzzle books? Do you have a keen eye?

Each detailed picture is a compilation of dozens of photos and images put together to form a scene. Many of the pictures often contain a hint of humor. For example, fish flying, animals in hats and sunglasses, a statue taking a selfie, a dinosaur eating a cupcake.

A sneak peak of what's inside IN THIS PICTURE - Can you find all the hidden Objects? A Hidden Pictures book for children that uses real photographic images!

INSIDE THIS EDITION: 3 bonus pictures with one extra hard object to find!

Are you up for the challenge? Do you think you can spot them all?

Get your copy of this fun and engaging puzzle book today!


This link will bring you to the In This Picture page on the Amazon website.

New Book Available!  In This Picture 2

The sequel to In This Picture has arrived with even MORE hidden object fun!

COVER-IDEA 1 small.png

Yet another bestselling activity book for kids, In This Picture 2 is filled with more fantastic hidden pictures – plus 3 extra difficult bonus pictures!

These books make wonderful gifts for families with kids of varying ages.

Click the link below to get the second instalment of these bestselling children’s books!


This link will bring you to the In This Picture 2 page on the Amazon website.

Elle Simms is a Canadian author and creator of children books, specifically readers level 1-2, activity books and hidden objects books for kids. She is best known for the In This Picture hidden objects books series.

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4 thoughts on “FREE! Hidden Objects Game

  1. The Chill and Grill picture in your book is asking for 2 coconuts and none of us can find the second one. Can you point us to it?


    1. Hi Daphne! Thank you for writing. The first, whole coconut is in the table area. The second is split open and located within the sign post. If you are still stuck, leave me another message and I will be more specific. Have a very happy new year!


      1. Thank you. I had looked over it several times but didn’t realize that’s what it was. We love this book! It’s been fun for us all!


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