New Book – What Happens Next?

Do you have a child that likes to write? Or create stories? Are you trying to find ways to improve their language skills and give them an educational advantage?

My latest book, What Happens Next? A Kids’ Guide to Writing Great Stories is now available. It helps prepare middle grade kids for high school language courses through the art of storytelling. But it’s not just about writing a fun story – it’s about communication and learning how all the elements of a story work together.

If you have been homeschooling this year (and possibly into the fall) due to Covid-19, and if you are worried about your child falling behind, this book is for you!

The first part breaks stories down into key concepts that kids need to know to be successful in later grades, and into college/university when they will be deconstructing literary works. The second part contains over 30 fun writing prompts with guides to create their own stories based on what they have learned.


to get your copy of What Happens Next? now!

Available exclusively at Amazon.

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