Free Book for Kids – New Book Promo

I will be running a free book promotion this weekend (August 1-2) for my latest book, The Day I Became a Weredog. A humorous spin on werewolf tales, this short story is perfect for kids age 8-12.

Before I opened my eyes I smelled the bacon. It popped and sizzled in the frying pan down in the kitchen. My mouth watered. I yawned, stretched, and scratched behind my ear – with my foot.

My eyes snapped open and I sat upright in bed. Something was not right. Something was very, very wrong.

When Dani turns into a dog, she must convince her best friend that it’s really her, elude a determined dogcatcher, and figure out a way to become human again.

Will she do it?

CLICK HERE to download for FREE!

3 thoughts on “Free Book for Kids – New Book Promo

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